Creating a strong R&D&I project and securing funding can be quite a challenge. At Pharmacopeia, we don’t just write proposals; we also have the skills to assist in project management and guide it through different stages of development. Many firms  encounter difficulties in formulating the most efficient approach, procedures, and allocation of organizational and financial resources.

An apt innovation strategy enables the systematic and effective handling of these transformative challenges from a holistic standpoint. It serves as the bridge connecting the definition and creation of novel products or services with a company’s overarching business strategy. Through a well-suited innovation strategy, a company can amalgamate all the necessary components into its business strategy, facilitating the introduction of new products or services to the market.

We bring this wealth of experience to our holistic business development service, where we offer comprehensive solutions designed to propel your company forward. From strategic planning and market analysis to branding, digital marketing, and operational optimization, we cover every aspect of your business to ensure sustained growth and success.




  • Soil Testing
  • Crop Consulting
  • Crop Scouting
  • Seed Selection
  • Plantation Guidance
  • Biocide services
  • Farm Management
  • Hydroponic  Farm Design
  • Feasibility  and technical studies
  • In Vitro  Plant Breeding
  • Plant Cell Fermentation
  • Tissue Culture Cloning
  • Extraction
  • Purification
  • Formulation
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Packaging